50 Popular Youtube Channel Idea for Beginner [Best Niche 2021]

    50 Popular Youtube Channel Idea for Beginner [Best Niche 2019]

    50 Popular Youtube Channel Idea for Beginner: Are you searching for a popular youtube channel ideas or best topic for youtube channel then you have the right place.

    Starting a youtube channel is very easy and youtube is a huge platform to share videos since its launch in 2005.

    You can share your knowledge, teach your audience like dance, singing, music instrument, promote and sell any product, Promote your business, Show your daily life, review the latest gadgets, cars, bike, you can make people laugh and entertain and motivate through video.

    It is easy to start youtube, but those who are new in this field and they want to do something new on youtube then, they have lots of questions such as: Which topic is best for the youtube channel? which particular niches do I choose? How to make a video? How to interesting video for the audience? So, this is the right place for all your questions. I give you the best solution to make a youtube channel on a specific trending topic that helps you to grow your channel easily.

    So what makes a good youtube niche?

    First of all, choose one youtube niche in which you have enough knowledge about that topic like review gadgets or makeup tutorials, or many more.

    For example, If you choose gadget reviews niche, upload videos, and create some genuine audience and subscriber after that you start to upload dancing video or cooking video or fitness video it doesn’t make sense because your audience is tech field they want to see gadget reviews video not dancing or cooking. So focus on a particular niche.

    Best 50 Popular Youtube Channel idea for Beginner:

    1. Unboxing
    2. Tech and Gadget Review
    3. Lifehacks
    4. Top X list
    5. Fail Compilation
    6. Health and Fitness Tips
    7. World or Local News
    8. Celeb Gossip
    9. Food and Restaurant Reviews
    10. Cooking Videos
    11. Kitchen Hacks
    12. How to Videos
    13. Pranks and Spoof
    14. Makeup and Beauty
    15. Comic and Superhero
    16. Travel Vlogging
    17. Dash and Security Cams
    18. Comedy
    19. Fashion and Style Tips
    20. Hair Care and Hairstyle Ideas
    21. City Tours
    22. Horror Videos
    23. Sports
    24. Parody
    25. Trailer, Movie, and Songs Reactions
    26. DIY Crafts
    27. Drawing and Sketching Tutorials
    28. Music Instruments Tutorials
    29. Dance and Singing Tutorials
    30. Baby Videos
    31. Pets and Animals
    32. Time Lapse
    33. Behind the Screen Videos
    34. Education Channel
    35. Car and Bike News and Reviews
    36. Gaming Videos
    37. Viral Challenges
    38. Interviews and ask me Anything Videos
    39. Reenact Videos
    40. Digital Marketing and Blogging
    41. Yoga
    42. Helpful Software and Apps
    43. Animated Stories
    44. Daily Vlogging
    45. Motivational and Inspiration Videos
    46. Gardening Tips and Tricks
    47. Lifestyle Advice
    48. Magic Tricks
    49. Book Reviews
    50. Screencast Videos

    So, here are the Best 50 Popular Youtube Channel ideas for Beginner. Pick one niche and do your best to grow your audience and income. What did we miss? Let us know in the comment below.

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