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70+ Most Successful Business Ideas in Nepal | Small Business Ideas in Nepal


    70+ Most Successful Business Ideas in Nepal

    70+ Most Successful Business Ideas in Nepal – Do you want to be a success in your life? Do you want to start your own business? if yes, then you have come to the right place. You know when we think of doing a new business then the first thing that comes to our mind is which business is good for me and how much does it cost? This situation is happening for everyone because not everyone has enough money. That’s true but you’ve to take a chance or take a calculated risk.

    Nepal is a country of multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural. It is located in the Southern part of Asia; it is between China and India. The main business of Nepal is agriculture and industry. Nepal’s economy is sticking to it. As a matter of fact, the agriculture sector employs about 70 percent of the country’s workforce. Nepal is notable for the cultivation of rice, tea, sugarcane, tobacco, jute, corn, wheat, and grains.

    Nepal is a landlocked country they don’t have their own port for import and export goods and services from different countries but there is a very peaceful, beautiful, and good environment. There is a huge opportunity for tourism industries but not been fully harnessed. Nepal is famous for Mount Everest, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, wild park, different lake, mountain, culture, history, food, etc. but they cannot be maximized to attract tourists to the country simply because of poor infrastructures in Nepal.

    So, there is a huge opportunity to start a different business. Today I’m gone a tell you different small business ideas for beginners in Nepal. These numbers of business ideas are randomly listed so choose one of the business ideas that is suitable for you and work on it. Here is a list of 70+ most successful business ideas in Nepal.

    Business Ideas in Nepal

    1. Online Shopping:

    Online Shopping is one of the most profitable growing businesses in the whole world. Due to changing times and busyness, people do not have enough time to go to the store and buy goods. So online shopping is the best platform for them. There are ample opportunities for online business. 

    2. Online News Portal:

    Online news portal is most successful business ideas in Nepal. We want to know as soon as possible what has happened in the country and abroad. Due to technology, we need news of today’s events today, so people want to read online news rather than magazines. So, the Online News Portal is a huge opportunity in Nepal.

    3. Smart Farming Business:

    Although Nepal is an agricultural country, it has not been able to generate enough income because of our traditional farming. So we have to move on Smart Farming or modern farming. Even though we have changed over time, our farming has not changed. So, there are lots of possibilities if we work on smart farming. 

    4. Poultry Farming:

    Poultry farming is one of the most profitable and sustainable business in Nepal. In research shows one person eat 4.1 kg chicken meat in Nepal. You can farm different types of chicken and also Nepal gov. allows different types of birds and eggs. 

    5. Goat and Sheep Farming:

    6. Pig Farming:

    7. Fish Farming:

    8. Cows & Buffalos Farming:

    9. Mushroom Farming:

    Mushroom farming is also a good business for small investments. There are various types of mushrooms and their demand is not only in Nepal if we are able to grow in huge quantity then we can supply internationally. 

    10. Vegetable and Fruit Farming:

    11. Vegetable and Fruit Stall

    12. Beekeeping:

    13. Fresh House:

    14. Dairy:

    As you know, consumers have not yet received pure, clean, and fresh milk. So, you can provide them pure and fresh milk at a reasonable price. And so many other varieties like cheese, hard cheese, butter, cream, Ghee, etc. So, Dairy is the most successful business idea in Nepal.

    15. Spa and Massage Services:

    Do you know, there are so many countries are famous for Spa and Massage Services such as Thailand, Indonesia (Bali), India, Turkey, etc. There are so many tourists are come only for spa and massage. Now Nepal also providing these services. So you can also start your Spa and Massage center like other countries. 

    16. Barber’s Shop

    The haircut used to be seen by our ancestors, but nowadays, the hair is cut into various styles and designs. So there are so many opportunities if you are able to provide these kinds of varieties. Also, you can provide so many different services such as haircut, beard cut, massage (head, neck, thai, or full body), facial, hair color, and so on. General Barber’s Shop in Nepal has taken Rs 50-100 and expensive Barber’s Shop takes 500-1000. So, you can fill these gaps by providing different services.  

    17. Beauty Parlour:

    18. Automobile Repair Shop (Garage or workshop):

    19. Car/Bike Wash Business:

    20. Groceries Store:

    21. Gift and Flower Shop:

    22. Consignment Shop:

    23. Dry Cleaning/Laundry Service:

    24. Rent and Storage Services:

    Rent and storage are those kinds of services that provide space to stay or to put stuff for day/weeks/month even year. These types of services are very few companies provided in Nepal. So, you can start your business in this field. 

    25. Packers and Movers:

    Packers and Movers is one of the most growing and profitable businesses in Nepal, mostly in Kathmandu. Not everyone has a home in Kathmandu, most of them are rented and it is not possible for them to carry goods from one place to another. They need this kind of service so you can contact them. If your business is successful then they are starting to contact you. 

    26. Homestay Tourism:

    Nepal is a touristy country Homestay Tourism is the most successful business idea in Nepal. There are different types of homestay in Nepal. Some homestay is fully dedicated to tourists and some are sharing their home with tourists. And this kind of idea is successfully works in Nepal. Tourists are very happy to live in Nepali culture. 

    27. Popcorn Factory:

    28. Restaurant and Bar:

    29. Tea & Coffee Shop (Chiyaa & Coffee):

    30. Fresh Juice Stall:

    31. Street Food Stall:

    32. Fast food Services:

    33. Sweets Store:

    34. Bakery/Biscuit Making Plant:

    35. Travel Agency/Tourist Guide:

    36. Real Estate Consultant:

    37. Computer Trainer:

    38. Tuition Centers & Career Counseling:

    39. Language and Chochig Center:

    40. Montessori Class:

    41. Business Centre:

    42. Marketing and Research:

    43. Herbal Cosmetics Product:

    44. Plywood Making:

    45. Glass Brick and Glass Shingle Making:

    46. Slipper Industries:

    47. Water Filter Factory:

    48. Disposable Plastic Cups, Plates & Glasses:

    49. Chowmein Production:

    50. Mobile Seller and Repairing:

    51. Electronics Sell and Repair Shop:

    52. Handyman Service Providing Business:

    53. Courier Services:

    54. Catering Service:

    55. Fitness/Gym Club:

    Due to changing times, people are so busy that they do not give enough time to their health. So fitness plays a vital role to be live healthy. There is a few Fitness and Gym Club around the city. So, this is the most successful business in Nepal. 

    56. Yoga Center:

    57. Jumba and Dance Classes:

    58. Music Center:

    60. Domain, Web Hosting Provider Services:

    With the development of technology, nowadays all offline businesses are slowly turning online. It’s a fact if your business is not shown in the search engine then you lose your potential client and customer. Domain registration and web hosting provider companies are most important for them. So, domain and web hosting provider services are the most successful business ideas in Nepal you can be the domain and web hosting, provider. 

    61. Website Designing and Apps Developing:

    Website and Apps developing business is the most growing and demanding business everywhere. It is not easy but not as difficult as we think. I know there are so many colleges for IT. But you can develop websites and apps to learn from the internet. There are so many articles and videos on the internet like how to make a website? How to make Apps? and so on.

    62. Social Media Management:

    63. Graphic Designing:

    Graphic designing is one of the most demanding business. If you have a idea about graphic design or you can make graphic video, photo, logo etc, then you can work as a company. And also there are so many online contract for graphic design. 

    64. Event Photography and Videography:

    65. Blogger:

    66. Youtuber:

    67. Freelancer:

    69. Pet Animals Shop:

    70. Event Management:

    71. Furniture Industries:

    So, here is the 70+ Most Successful Business Ideas in Nepal. Most people are afraid to take a chance, take a risk they think “If I invest my money in new business then there is no basis for success”. If you think so, don’t do business, business is not for you. I know these words are rude but if you really want to be successful in your career then you have to take a risk. I suggest you don’t be afraid of the future, always be optimistic. If your idea is innovative and problem-solving then focus only on your work, make a clear mindset to achieve your target. Be smart do smart, learn from others, learn from other’s mistakes.

    If you’ve any problem or queries about this topic please comment below, I try to solve your problem as soon as possible. And Thank you for visiting us.

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