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How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]

    Gmail is one of the most popular free email service provided by Google. It is used for personal as well as business communications. It gives you 15 GB of Mailbox storage.

    It allows you to access the web and using third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

    It helps you to follow up and respond to messages and you can share up to 25 MB through emails as well as you can view attachments, snooze messages, and open attachments without opening emails.

    Using Gmail you can access anything like social media, applications, websites, software’s and many more. So without further delay let’s jump into the point:

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    Easy Step to Create a Gmail Account:


    Open browser (Google Chrome – and click on “Sign In” box.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]


    Click on “Create an account” and you can see two option. 1. For Me – which means the personal account and 2. To manage business – which means for business purpose. Select any of them and click next.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]


    Fill the all details step by step. Your first name and last name.

    Note: As you can see there is a red sign “This username is already taken. Try another one.” That means the username is not available anymore. Also, google suggests some username you can see there only you’ve to do click there.

    If you don’t like available usernames then do next option. Jump into the next picture.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]

    Next Option:

    use more letters, numbers, and dots. In the first picture I use which is not available and now I use dots and numbers and I get the perfect username.

    Tips: Do not create unnecessary or long usernames like or It’s hard to remember.

    And please create a strong password. There are so many people who create an easy password like “john12345” or “mummy1111” and some people use their first and last name as a password. They think it’s easier to remember passwords. As a result, your account hacked within a second.

    For that, you’ve to create a strong password like use capital letters & small letters, numbers, and symbols and mix them. For example “W2g@6!h$m0&F%” at least use 8 characters. If a password is hard to remember then write it down on your note and keep it somewhere safe.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]

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    You have to confirm your phone number this is for security purposes. Enter your phone number and click next.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]


    Once you enter your phone number Google sends you a 6-digit number on your phone to verify your account. Enter the verification code and confirm your phone number.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]


    In this step, Google asks you to add a phone number and recovery email address but both are optional. This option makes more secure your account but you can do it later.

    After that add your birthday date and gender which is compulsory.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]


    This is the final step of Google privacy and terms. if you’re creating a Gmail account for the first time I highly recommend to read once this Google privacy and terms.

    Once you read all Google privacy and terms and all privacy and terms are suitable for you then click the “I agree” button and now you have become a member of Google you can access all the Google products and services easily.

    If Google privacy and terms are not suitable for you then cancel it. But you can’t access the Google products and services.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]


    Now here is my official verified Gmail account. Now I can access any google products and services like Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google Playstore, Google Ads, Google Drive, Google Adsense, Google Maps, and many more.

    How To Create a Gmail Account 2021: [Step-By-Step Guide]

    Note: If you’re signed in using another computer or shared computer like a library or office computer don’t forget to sign out. Because if you create a Gmail account on any computer, Google will automatically sign in to that computer.

    I hope now you’re able to create a Gmail account right. If you have any problems while creating a Gmail account please comment below.

    This article about “How to create a Gmail Account” or “How to create a Google account.”

    This is the complete process of “How To Create a Gmail Account in Computer” or “How To Create a Gmail Account in Laptop.”

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