Nepali Girl Names Starting With V | Most Popular Nepali Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Nepali Girl Names Starting With U | Most Popular Nepali Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Nepali Girl Names Starting With V: You know being a parent finding the perfect name for your baby-to-be is arguably one of the most challenging and important decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. Actually, the baby not just brings joy and happiness but also brings a lot of responsibilities on you.

Are you looking for modern Nepali girl names with meanings that speak to a family tradition or honor a cultural tradition? Or do you want your daughter to have a completely unique name? Here we have the list of coolest, modern and most popular Nepali baby names for a girl with meanings.

Most Popular Nepali Baby Girl Names with Meanings:

As parents there are so many responsibilities for your new baby and the baby’s name is one of them. I know it’s not easy to find out a good name for a baby, there would hundreds and thousands of Nepali baby girl names on the internet but we are committed to not list them all but only the best.

So, don’t worry here we have a list of the coolest, modern and popular Nepali girl names with Meanings which helps you to make a unique name for your newborn children. So, being a Nepali you are searching for Nepali girl names starting with V alphabet following are the lists of most popular boy names in Nepal.

Before heading below the list, we want to announce a brief disclaimer that “this list of Nepali girl names starting with V is 95% are Nepali names and few names might have been from an English origin. Such names made it to the list because of their popularity. We hope it won’t be much of an issue to you since you’re searching for a Modern Nepali Baby Names for Girls. Obviously, modern here reflects the English influence and origin.“

Nepali Girl Names Starting With V:

  • Vaijayanti – A garland of Lord Vishnu
  • Vani – Voice; Saraswati
  • Vanita – Lady
  • Varsha; Barsha – Rain
  • Vartika – Lamp
  • Varuna/Baruna – Wife of the lord of the sea; name of a river
  • Vasanti/Basanti – Of spring
  • Vatsala
  • Vedanti – knower of the Vedas
  • Vedika – Altar; a river in India; relating to Veda
  • Venisha
  • Vibha/Bibha – Night
  • Vibhuti
  • Vidhi
  • Vidhisha
  • Vidhya
  • Vidya/Bidya – Wisdom, knowledge
  • Vidyut – Lightning
  • Vijaya – Victorious
  • Vima
  • Vimala – Pure
  • Vinanti – Prayer, request
  • Vinata – Humble; Mother of Garuda
  • Vinaya – Modesty
  • Vindhya – Knowledge
  • Vineeta – Humble
  • Vinita – Requester
  • Vinoda – Pleasing
  • Vinodini – Happy girl
  • Viveka – Right
  • Vrinda – Tulsi, basil; Radha
  • Vumika

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