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95% People Don’t Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Tips and Tricks

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Tips and Tricks

    It’s been over fifteen years since I’ve used Google but you know 95% of people don’t know these 15 Google search tricks. Google search is not only a powerful search tool but also a best friend for billions of people. More than 4 million people use Google per minute, interesting isn’t it?  It is always there for you experts for those times when you have no internet connection. That’s scary! It can help you with anything it will find the whole history that you read some parts in books or anywhere.

    We all use Google search engine but we do not search properly and can’t get the exact results. Most of the people don’t know the simple and easy search tips and tricks that help them to find exact data and information easily from Google. You can download the whole book, any data & information, others email, contact number, job vacancy or any opportunity you can get your result on the first page in just one click. Also. I share some interesting and useful tips for you in the last paragraph of the article. Now I’m gone a share you 15 Ways to search Google 95% of People Don’t Know About that help you to search easily. 

    1. Tracking your packages:

    You know you can use Google to look for all types and kinds of files. Also, it helps you track your package real quick. Instead of doing the usual thing and going to the shipping company website. Just type your tracking number in a search query. It will work with UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Now you will always know where your packages you won’t have to navigate any websites or wait for them to load.

    2. Using Google as a spell checker:

    Do you know how Google politely offers you the correct way to spell words when you make a mistake by accident? Sometimes you try to write some actor or actress name or place or something else but you are not sure how to write this or that word, try typing it in search queries. Google will help you out. Use the word in a word combination for a better result.

    3. Finding a specific file:

    You know when you search for anything in PDF or PowerPoint online like a book or some stuff and you got so many results in there. You do not get an exact PDF or PowerPoint file that you needed.  For example, if you search for Rich Dad Poor Dad there you get so many results to buy a book. But if you want to find a PDF on Rich Dad Poor Dad you have to type Rich Dad Poor Dad filetype:PDF. You will get access to thousands of PDFs, Case Studies, Knowledge Document (Topic filetype:doc), Research Paper, Excel Files (Topic filetype:xls), Powerpoint presentations (Topic filetype:ppt) on the topic in no time.

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Trick and Tips

    4. Defining words and learning where they come from:

    Any language including English is constantly developing so new words appearing and old words become history. Google will help you to find them all easily if you type in define: with no space before the word it will give you the word definition. So you will know what the word means without having to go through hundreds of search results. 

    5. Searching images using images:

    When you’re browsing the internet and suddenly saw the picture of the most beautiful dress ever. Or maybe your friend posted from some incredibly fancy café but has not added a location market wants to keep it secret. Google can solve both mysteries for you. All you have to do is save the picture click the camera button on Google Images attach the picture or paste its URL Google will then find similar images on the web.

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Trick and Tips

    6. Unimportant search words:

    You’re searching for the origin of Apple and result shows about apple fruit but you search for Apple company. So, you want to remove unimportant search words from your result simply write a minus (-) symbol before each one. For example, origin of Apple -fruit. and Google removes all apple fruit result and will show Apple company result. 

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Trick and Tips

    7. Whole phrases:

    Framing the search term within quotation marks is the simplest and most effective way to find something specific and in the exact order, you type in it. For example, if you listen to a song from the radio or something else and you like that but you don’t know the title of the song only you’ve to know some lyrics. If this situation happens to you, what you have to do you’ve to type that part of the lyrics with quotation marks and Google shows only the result with those words. You can search so many things like you look for a job and then you have to type “banking manager jobs” you get so many results related to this. 

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Trick and Tips

    8. Finding similar websites:

    When you search eCommerce website and want to find more similar websites then type in related: and then the address of the site again without a space between them. For example, If you want to buy some product form online and you search on the Amazon website, but you want to see similar products on other websites then type Google to find them for you.

    9. Searching for a title or URL:

    If you want to find the keywords and name of an article type intitle: and to find the words from a URL use inurl: it is important that you make no spaces between words and punctuation. For example, if you’re searching for sports-related result then type intitle:sports and so on. Or if you want to get the result from a specific website then type site:website name and topic. for example, sports then you get all sports updates from the USA Today website. 

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Tips and Tricks

    10. Using a number range:

    Sometimes we urgently need to get the list of events that occurred during a certain period of time. For that, you can add a time frame to your search query with the help of three dots () between the dates. For example, If we want to find out about innovation or startup during the 20th century we can write startup or innovation 19002000. Also, you can try finding products within a certain price range for example for that try searching, Samsung Mobile Phones $5001000 in that case don’t forget to include an indicator of what you measure the amount.

    11. When lots of words are missing:

    95% People Don't Know These 15 Google Search Tricks | Google Search Tips and Tricks

    Another tick is for example if you are a student and you search on Google How to manage time? you can see there are so many results on the screen that you don’t need. If you searching for the only student then you have to type how to manage time + Student. If you searching for the best android phone then you have to type the best phone + Android. Plus (+) signs help to find out exact results.

    12. The power of the asterisk (*):

    When you try to find out some keyword phrases or numbers but you only remember some words or numbers, you can turn to the powerful asterisk symbol. Just use it in the place of the word or phrase you can’t remember and you should be able to find the results you’re looking for. For example, if you searching for Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley but you don’t know singer and lyrics, only you have to know some words of a song then you’ve to type “word * ” that’s it. Google will find the whole thing for you.

    95% people don't know these 15 Google search tricks

    13. Searching within websites:

    Sometimes you read an interesting article on a website and find yourself subsequently wanting to share it with your friends or simply reread. It the easiest way to find the desired piece of information again is to search within the website to do this type the address of the site then a keyword or entire phrase from the article and it should come up immediately on the website. For example, type website name and something you searching for that something an Android and it will show you Android-related posts.

    14 Searching using Synonyms:

    Our language is rich in synonyms. Sometimes this can be very convenient when doing research online if you need to find websites on a given subject rather than those that include a specific phrase add the tilde symbol to your search for example if you search for the term Healthy tilde food
    you’ll get results about the principles of healthy eating, Cooking recipes, as well as healthy dining options, see different people have different ways of describing things if you make Google search using synonyms you won’t have to type in your search query many times before you get to the point more answers means more options at once.

    15. Either this or that:

    Sometimes we want to search for the information but we’re not correctly remembered the name we need to start our search. So, the solution is you’ve to simply put in a couple of potential variations of what you’re looking for and separate them by type the vertical bar symbol (|) or you can use or

    For example, you’re deciding to buy a smartphone but which? For that make google find and describe both options at once just type in buy cheap android | iPhone also you can search buy cheap android or iPhone.

    Finally, it’s time for our bonus trick you did some hard work learning to use Google like a pro 95% of people doesn’t know these 15 Google search tricks. So now it’s time to play and have some fun if you search wizard of OZ and click on red shoes your mobile or computer screen starts to rotate, search chandler bing then click on a chair and see what happens. Also, search Atari Breakout on Google Images the famous brick breaker will start right there Enjoy it!

    So, here is 95% people don’t know these 15 Google search tricks. I hope this article helps you a lot. If yes please share on your social network with your friends and leave your feedback on the comment box. Thank you for visiting our website and to stick with me for more updates. 

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