50 Popular YouTube Channel Ideas to Get You Started

    50 Popular YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

    Are you searching for popular YouTube channel ideas or the best topic for a youtube channel then you are in the right place. I will suggest you one of the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners to start your new YouTube channel.

    You have decided to create a YouTube channel, you might be feeling worried about choosing the right idea/theme for it. And it is okay to feel that way.

    What will happen if you spend a whole year trying to grow a YouTube channel and your channel is not successful. Your time, investment, energy are all wasted, right? I’ve seen a lot of youtube channels that have made great content but haven’t been successful.

    The reason for all this is not choosing the right youtube niche. The creator makes a video about what he/she likes, not what the viewer wants. Think out of the box, you’re a creator, you’re not creating videos for yourself, you’re creating videos for viewers.

    That doesn’t mean you don’t like that niche and you’ve to work on it. Not at all, that why I’m here. I create a list of 50 popular YouTube channel ideas for you, choose one of them whatever you like and good at.

    I spent so many hours to create this list. I have analyzed various YouTube channels, their videos, titles, popularity, monetization methods, and more. I wish my research will be worth you.

    Short Summary of YouTube:

    YouTube is the world’s fastest-growing online video-sharing platform and the second-most popular website in the world. YouTube is founded by three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005. Now YouTube is owned by Google.

    YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. As a report of 2020, more than 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and one billion hours of content being watched on YouTube every day.

    Best 50 Popular YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

    1. Daily Vlogging

    Popular YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

    Daily vlogging is one of the best and easiest ways to get started with a YouTube channel because you don’t need any extra equipment. If you have a smartphone you can create content also there are so many best free video editing apps on the apps store just download and create an interesting videos.

    Daily vlogging is basically shown your day-to-day life, your thoughts, opinions, concerns, and even current news topics or events. If you live in a city, you can show the places around your city, the school or college you are studying in, the places you go somewhere. If you are living in a village, you also make videos of Vlog with green fields and farming routine work in your area.

    2. Travel Vlogging


    We all love to travel, explore new places, and experience new things, right. So, if you want to travel the world as well as earn money this is the best niche for you.

    You know that traveling is a desire not only for you but for people all over the world. But they do not know where to go, how to go, what to do, where to stay, what to eat. So your video can be a virtual guide for them.

    Tips For You – If you travel any place or countries and your subscriber wants to go there, then you can charge them little fees and guide them.

    Also, if you want to travel without money then this is the best idea, Make a list of hotels in the country or place you are going to travel. Contact or email them, I am a youtube traveler, I have X subscriber if you give me free food and accommodation service I’ll promote your hotel and if my subscriber comes to visit here, I will give you the address of your hotel.

    3. Unboxing & Product Reviews


    Unboxing is one of the most popular and high earning YouTube channel ideas in present days. There are thousands of products or devices are launching every day and you will never run out of content.

    You may be surprised to know this there are thousands of YouTube channels that are doing the same and getting views, subscribers, and good income.

    You’ve so many things to do like new gadgets unboxing, clothes, shoes, baby toys, new devices, food packs, and many more. If you’re a new creator then buy some latest gadgets or products and unbox them. Once you start to get many views and subscribers, the company starts sponsoring you.

    4. Tech and Gadget Reviews

    Have you ever bought any new gadget without watching the review video or reading review articles on the internet?

    Probably not, right. For example, if you want to buy the latest phone what you gonna do first? obviously, you search on the internet right. Once you get the information you select the gadget and watch a review video or read the article.

    So, there are huge possibilities to grow your channel if you’re good at this thing. If you’re decided to create Tech and Gadget Review, get in touch latest tech and gadget news and update.

    5. Car and Bike News and Reviews

    Like new gadgets or products, people are crazy to buy a new car or a new bike. If we go to buy mobiles then we watch 4-5 review videos and read review articles then how we can buy a bike and car without watching and reading review videos and articles.

    And you know what, companies contact you when they are launching their new car and bike and they paid you a good amount of money.

    6. Book Reviews


    I personally love these types of content. This type of video has made me want to read more books. It’s a good idea to summarize an hour-long book in 10 to 15 minutes. We get a lump-Sum idea from what this book is about.

    If you like to read books and good at summarized them then this is the best niche for you. Also, you can motivate people by creating an animated video so you don’t have to show your face.

    7. Motivational and Inspiration Videos

    Motivational and Inspiration Videos

    When we feel low motivational and inspirational videos are medicine for us even some words or picture plays a vital role.

    Yeah, it’s a challenging task to creating a motivational & inspirational video because needs proper direction and storytelling. But if you’re someone with a lot of positive attitudes and a desire to make things work, this is a perfect niche.

    8. Health and Fitness Tutorials

    Health and fitness Tutorials also the best idea to create a channel. There is so much information is available on the internet read them and try it. if the information is worth it share it on your channel.

    Search fitness and gym center in your area and meet with some fitness trainer and learn from them also you can hire them.

    9. Yoga Class


    When we talk about staying healthy and fit, then the name of yoga also comes up our mind. It strengthens not only physically but also mentally that why Yoga is so popular all over the world.

    Even better if you have learned yoga, if not, learn it and teach it to others. There are so many youtubers they are doing well, as well as they are selling their course, classes and merchandise.

    10. Top/List Videos

    If you’re good at research and don’t want to show your face on video the this is the best YouTube channel idea for you.

    Just research on the topic and make a video like Top 3 or Top 5 or Top 10 or Top 20. There is so many youtube channel they are doing a great. Yeh, people love to watch these types of videos because they can learn many things within minutes.

    Some video title examples are, Top 10 best or highest actor/actress or Top 10 richest person or Top 10 colleges/university or Top 20 places to travel or Top 5 expensive cars and so on.

    11. How to Videos

    If you don’t know how to drink water no worries videos are available on YouTube, I’m not kidding. Go and search on YouTube ‘How to drink water’ you will see hundreds of videos.

    Nowadays people have the option to choose the best way to do work. If they get stuck some level of their work then they search on YouTube like how to do that, how to do this etc. This type of YouTube channel is called “Problem Solving Channel.”

    12. Facts Channels

    Facts Channels

    Who doesn’t like the facts, right? We all use WiFi, If someone asks you what is the full form of WiFi? I’m sure most people can’t give the answer and you may also be looking for its full form on Google, just kidding!

    We all know how WiFi works but we never care about its full name. So there are unlimited facts research them and make a video.

    13. Fail Compilation

    With the development of technology, we can capture every moment today. Like sometimes funny incident or worse incident or sometimes unexpected.

    There are so many single clips available on the internet, so you can collect them and make a video. You don’t believe there are thousands of channels with particular niches (like, boat fails videos, construction fails videos, fishing fails videos, driving fails videos) and get millions of views and subscribers.

    14. Comedy Videos

    Comedy Videos

    According to YouTube statistics, 96% of the most-watched videos were comedy and music videos. If you can do funny things or can tell hilarious jokes then that’s the best niche for you.

    You can create story videos, mimic someone, become a stand-up comedian, or just roast a famous celebrity. Your videos must be relatable for viewers.

    15. Pranks and Entertainment

    If you are creative and confident to make fun with random people then a prank is the best Youtube idea for you.

    I respect the guts of the Pranksters, how they manage every worst situation easily. Until the prankster reveals the truth, he/she will not believe that he is being pranked.

    ‘Just for Laughs: Gags’ is one of my favorite comedy prank show, they do a very healthy prank with the person.

    16. Social Experiments

    Nowadays, Social Experiments videos have become one of the most popular, trending, and most watching videos. You can’t stop clicking on these videos.

    This type of video captures the happenings in our society and leaves a good lesson for us. They explore people from different places and societies.

    17. Parody

    You’ve seen popular movie scenes, shows, actor/actress interviews, songs, trailers in a funny way. You must be familiar with this type of video by now. This is called parody.

    If you want to create these types if you need to be creative and have a proper script. There are so many channels that are doing this and getting millions of views and subscribers.

    18. Trailer, Movie, and Songs Reactions

    To be honest this is the easiest way to create a video. Thousands of videos being uploaded on YouTube every day, choose the trending video and react to it.

    Watch the video and share your openion how you feel it, and tell pros and cons about the video.

    19. Food and Restaurant Reviews

    Food and Restaurant Reviews

    If you like to eat this YouTube idea is best for you. Order food from different restaurants and review it like give them a point out of 10.

    Also, visit all the restaurants in your area and show the audience their types of food, customer service, location, price, hygienic-unhygienic, and so on.

    20. Cooking Videos

    Cooking Videos

    If you have a passion for cooking and love to make new recipes, this YouTube channel idea is for you.

    Whether you are American or Nepalese or Spanish or Russian or Korean whatever you’re if your instructions are clear and recipe unique, it won’t be hard to get a loyal audience base.

    21. Experiment Channels

    We always love to do or see new things right. If someone is doing something new, we don’t want to leave without looking at it or understanding it.

    So if you’re creative and have a great idea to do a new experiment then this is perfect for you.

    22. Lifehacks

    Lifehacks is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channel ideas. People love to find new ways to save time & save money, so there is always a big demand for hacks.

    One rule ‘Less talk, do more’ if you take more than 1 minute to do one hack viewers get bored. Also, don’t make too long a video, my suggestion is 5-6 minutes is perfect you can cover 15-20 hacks easily.

    You can talk about daily life hacks, money-saving, makeup hacks, cooking hacks, film hall hacks, airport hacks, shopping hacks, studying hacks, household hacks, and so on.

    23. Kitchen Hacks

    This niche is as similar as life hacks but I create it different category because we make food in the kitchen and food is the first thing for our health so the kitchen should neat and clean.

    In this niche, you can recommend some gadgets or tools which make cutting vegetables easier or cleaning hacks to keep the kitchen neat.

    When I was researching this topic I saw so many videos and I’m surprised how many things we can do with one piece of equipment.

    24. Gardening Tips and Tricks

    Gardening Tips and Tricks

    I personally love gardening videos because it not only makes you feel good (by saving nature), you get fresh organic products from your own garden.

    If you have the knowledge or creative ideas, you can help others who want to try it but are overwhelmed with the steps involved.

    25. Fashion and Style Tips

    Fashion and Style Tips

    If you’re a model or personality developer then this YouTube niche is best for you. Also, if you’ve knowledge about fashion & styles or shopping lovers why don’t you create a YouTube channel.

    You don’t have to be an expert or someone with a degree to share your views and suggestions. I’ve seen most of the social media influencers are now start their own YouTube channel and sharing their own experience and fashion & style tips.

    26. Makeup and Beauty

    Makeup and Beauty

    Girls love to do makeup, the first thing they do before they go out is makeup. Not just look beautiful, according to research makeup build their confidence.

    So, if you’re a makeup artist this is the best platform to share your experience and if you’re a beginner and planning to create a channel then learn first from the expert physically as well as from YouTube.

    We all know makeup kits and products are expensive so if you don’t have an investment then ask your friend and collect their product also you can feature them. Once you got popular then makeup brands are starting to sponsor you. And also, I’ve seen so many YouTube creators are creating their own brands.

    27. Hair Care and Hairstyle Ideas

    Hair Care and Hairstyle Ideas

    I don’t think you have to be a Hair Designer to create a channel in this niche. I’ve seen so many YouTube channel they are just featuring new hair designer and exploring Salon.

    If you’re good at in this niche then this is a gold mine for you. Trust me if you find and solve their problem you don’t take time to get popular. My personal advice to you is to keep in touch with your subscriber, ask them to share their problem, read their comment, connect on social networks.

    28. Lifestyle Advice

    Lifestyle Advice

    YouTube is a place where one searches for lifestyle advice. There are millions of people who are searching for lifestyle advice who wishes to change their lifestyles with new fashion and modern types of personality lookup.

    If you have a knowledge of lifestyle with different categories such as life, finance, relationship, dating, the health you can share advice on your channel.

    You can ask them what are the problem they are facing and you can make a video on that topic. When you become popular and expert in that field you can sell your products, books, courses.

    29. Gaming Videos

    If you’re a good gamer and want to share your gaming experience with others then this niche should be a great job for you.

    We all know how many hours we spend playing a game and how much better it is to make money from it right. There are thousands of gaming channels on Youtube with a huge audience.

    30. Tech & Coding Tutorials

    Tech & Coding Tutorials

    Tech & coding tutorials are one of my favorite YouTube channels. I am not an IT student but I got a chance to learn a lot from YouTube and blog.

    If you have tech & coding skills and you think you can teach others this is the best niche for you.

    31. Sports Tutorials

    My favorite sport is football and I learned to play football by watching videos. I used to watch at least 2 videos a day, which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of tricks.

    If you’re good at teaching new tips and tricks in any sports like football, basketball, swimming, cricket, chess, boxing, martial arts, etc. learners are waiting for you.

    32. Drawing and Sketching Tutorials

    Drawing and Sketching is your hobby then, why not teach others as well? You can target different age of people like nursery kids, school kids, and adults with your tutorials.

    Not just teaching you can sell your drawing through YouTube video and earn extra money.

    33. Music Instruments Tutorials

    Music Instruments Tutorials

    The first instrument I have ever played is the guitar that I learned from watching a YouTube video. The reason why I am sharing my story is that YouTube is a platform where you can learn anything and anytime.

    If you’re good at teaching any musical instruments this is the right niche for you. Once you get popular, you can even start your own music academy or band.

    34. Dance and Singing Tutorials

    Dance and Singing Tutorials

    If you’re are good at dancing and singing why don’t you share your skill, there are millions of people who are waiting for you.

    You don’t have to be flawless and an award-winning dancer or singer to create a channel but passion and consistency will get you through.

    35. Magic Tricks

    Magic Tricks

    Magic tricks are also the greatest and most demanding niches on YouTube to grow the audience fast. There are many YouTube channels that share magic tricks and you can do the same.

    Learn tricks from the internet and books and master them, or if any magicians are available in your area then you can learn from them and create a video.

    Take time and practice & learn every day because when you become popular you’ve to show your magic in a public place, which is very different from what was done in front of the camera.

    36. Education Channel

    Education Channel

    If you’re a school/college teacher or if you like to teach others then why don’t you create a YouTube channel? You can get a handsome salary from this niche on YouTube.

    I’ve seen many YouTubers who are teaching thousands of students which is more than popular universities student. Also, you can sell your course to different levels of students.

    37. Language/Grammar Tutorials


    If you can speak different countries language or if you’re good at grammar and if you think you can learn others the his is the perfect niche for you.

    I learn my first international language is Spanish from YouTube videos. There are thousands of channels and they are doing really great.

    38. Health Education

    Health Education

    Health is wealth” The main priority of all of us is health but we are unknowingly endangering our health.

    We eat unhygienically or spice & oily food, we don’t do a workout, we don’t take proper rest, we don’t eat the nutritious food your body needs.

    So, if you’re a doctor, nutritionist, or if you’ve any health-related knowledge then you can share your knowledge. People are dying to get this type of knowledge.

    39. Computer/Mobile Tutorials

    Computer/Mobile Tutorials

    If you’re very used to computers and phones and you can solve the basic problems of computer and mobile then this niche is perfect for you and matches your interest.

    Due to the increasing development of technology nowadays we all need to have basic knowledge of computer and mobile. So there is a huge potential to grow a channel.

    As we don’t know how to solve different errors and other things. So we watch a video tutorial on how to do this, how to do that. Just upload a video on a daily basis in which you show a particular problem and simple steps to solve it.

    40. Software and Apps Reviews

    Software and Apps Reviews

    According to 2021 research, the Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps available for download and the Google Play Store has 2.87 million apps available for download.

    As you know there are millions of apps and software available on the internet, some are useful and some are not. Not everyone has the time to check what useful and what doesn’t right? So, if you love technology and have ideas & knowledge about these kinds of stuff, this niche would be a perfect fit for you.

    The app stores are overcrowded with tons of helpful and useless apps that remain unexplored by millions. There’s no denying that some of these apps can make our lives easier, save time, and more productive.

    41. Digital Marketing and Blogging

    Digital Marketing and Blogging

    Digital marketing – (Internet Marketing) is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

    Blogging – A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

    Bloggers and digital marketers are making millions every year. If you’ve knowledge about this niche you can make a video and share it with your audience.

    I’ve seen so many popular bloggers and digital marketers are creating a video and teaching internet people.

    42. Finance, Business, Entrepreneurship, Investment Videos

    Finance/Business/Entrepreneurship Videos

    Everybody wants to do something new and creative in his/her life but they don’t get the right direction.

    If you have knowledge about finance, business ideas, entrepreneurship, stock market, etc. you can be the mentor for those who want to be financially successful in their life.

    You can teach them how to invest in share market, how to manage, finance, how to create successful business ideas, how to save money, or how to be successful entrepreneur, and many more.

    43. Baby Videos

    Ask your parents how they felt when you first spoke. I’ve seen so many parents they were literally crying when their baby spoke. Every little thing a child does makes everyone happy.

    So, if you have a baby this is the perfect niche for you. Also, you can do is collect other babies’ short clips and compile them and make a video.

    44. Pets and Animals

    If you have a bird, cat, dog, or any other pet animal no matter what. Then you can just make videos of them like funny incidents (playing, eating, sleeping, jumping, etc.) or documentary types (Daily videos/vlog).

    People love to see cute animals doing different things. Also, you can collect other clips and make a video. There are thousands of channels doing this.

    45. Photography and Videography Channels

    Photography and Videography Channels

    Photography and Videography is one of the famous fields nowadays. If you like tours and travels then you have the best niche for you. Also, you can photography & videography and travel vlogging at the same time.

    You can teach your audience about photography & videography tips and tricks and different ideas for making more beautiful pictures and videos. As well as which software & application best for photography & videography, and review for tech gadgets reviews such as best cameras, lenses, drones, light, camera stand, and many more.

    46. Animated Stories

    Animated stories develop new trends on YouTube. There are thousands of YouTube channel are doing this types of video.

    If you’re good at graphics or good at creating story then this is the best niche for you. You can create videos for kids or motivational videos for a young audience. there are so many options you’ve to do.

    47. News Channels

    News Channels

    If you had a dream of becoming a VJ or a news anchor and it didn’t come true then YouTube is a great platform for you. You can share the world as well as local news.

    You can make news in different categories like political news, financial news, filmy news, sports news, and many more. Also, you can create an interview series where you invite a local guest or famous celebrities to ask questions.

    48. Celeb Gossip

    Fans always want to know what their favorite celebrity is doing, wearing, traveling, or mingling with someone. That why celeb gossip is among the most popular YouTube channels. The fact is we are more interested in someone else’s life than in ours.

    If you’re interested in such things and wouldn’t mind creating daily videos and keeping track of other’s lives, you can start a celeb gossip YouTube channel.

    49. Interviews


    If you’re a journalist or good at interacting with any kinds of people and do next by own then this niche is a great job for you.

    You can contact your local heroes or celebrities on your show and once you become popular you can invite international celebrities. Also, you can take interviews using the zoom app, skype, or other social media platforms.

    50. Short Videos/Films

    Short Videos/Films

    If you and your friends can do these things such as write good scripts, direction, editing, and acting then this is the best niche for you.

    If you don’t have any friends and you want to do it alone the vine is best for you.


    This is the best 50 popular YouTube channel ideas for all of you. I hope this article help you find your niche. If you like my work please share with your friends and family. Best of Luck.

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