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What is a Domain Name? How Does it Work? Beginner Guide:

    What is a Domain Name How Does it Work Beginner Guide

    What is a domain name?

    If you want to create a website then you need to make your website name like any random name or your companies or anything else that is called a domain name. Domain names were created to make IP, or Internet Protocol addresses more human-friendly. An IP address is a unique set of numbers that is assigned to every computer on the Internet.

    Think of IP addresses like street addresses – if any strangers asked you your home address then you tell them your home address then they can easily reach your home as the same thing happens on the internet if someone searches your company or website on the internet then they easily access your site from your specific domain name like For example, if your search then that is the address of Google company.

    A domain name is Internet protocols or IP addresses while computers require IP addresses to locate one another, we humans can use domain names. So instead of is the IP address for domain name which is much easier remembering the website name. Just imagine having to memorize such random numbers for every single website how many websites do we remember? So the domain name is easier to remember so many websites at a time like JCurveGrowth, Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Microsoft, and so on.

    The IP address or domain name is the only one around the internet. No one can register the same domain name again every domain name has to be unique for example has only belonged to my company or only belongs to Google company no one can register again.

    Domain Name System, or DNS [D-N-S]

    The Domain Name System, or DNS [D-N-S], takes domain names the kind of web addresses that humans understand, like, and translates them into IP addresses that computers need to communicate.

    When visitors enter your domain name into a search engine, the search engine uses your domain name to find the correct IP address and, all stored data provide for visitors.

    Why .com, .org, .net, .info, .edu, .gov is different? Types of Domain name extension.
    There are so many different types of domain name extensions are available and why these are different. Let me tell you their dot extensions are work as the same but used in different sectors. .com, .org, .net, .info, .edu, .gov, .biz are top-level domain extension. If you want to grow and take forward your business in the future then I recommend you register .com extension because .com is top-level domain extension and most of the website is registered in .com.

    Types of top-level Domain name extension:

    .com – .com is used for companies.
    .net – .net used for network.
    .org – .org used for organization.
    .edu – .edu used for school or college.
    .gov – .gov used for government

    Sometimes you’ve seen,, etc these domain extension are country level domain like is only for Nepal only Nepalese people can register

    So, this article about “What is a Domain Name? How Does it Work?” is for everyone who doesn’t know about a domain name. I hope this article helps to solve your queries, if not please comment below you can directly contact us. Thank you for visiting our site.

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